10 Blogging Ideas for your Nonprofit (1)

It is often difficult for people who are into nonprofit blogging to generate ideas for their blog posts. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Promote upcoming events – Provide the details of interesting upcoming events, and highlight their interesting aspects like musical performances, high-profile speakers, and raffle giveaways.

2. Answer questions – You can start with Quora- it is a mine of blog post ideas. Here people ask questions, and anybody from the community can answer them. It is a knowledge base, just like Wikipedia, with an added advantage of being interactive! Notice what kind of questions people are asking and answer them through blog posts. This ensures that you are writing something that intrigues people. You can also follow Top 10 Non-Profit Bloggers and get ideas from their topics.

3. Recap a speaking event – Share videos, audios, important takeaways, and transcripts of any events that took place recently. All those who couldn’t attend it will definitely look for it!

4. Press Release – To share a new announcement, posting a press release is the quickest and the easiest solution that you can accomplish through nonprofit blogging.

5. Use the Google Keyword Research Tool – You can find some great topics using the Google Keyword Research Tool. If you search for some word, its shows related keywords that people are searching for.

6. Promote your members – It is a good retention strategy to share the success stories of your members. You may instead simply introduce the new members.

7. Teach ‘how to’ do something – The audience loves “How to” posts. Decide a genre related to your target audience, and write a blog relevant to it.

8. Interviews – The easiest way to generate content for a blog is to publish interview transcripts. You won’t have to make much effort in it, just add a few starting and concluding lines. You may interview your staff members, partners, volunteers, donors or anybody who might have something important to discuss.

9. Tell about your fundraising or advocacy goals – Let your readers know how much money your organization hopes to raise, and what the plans are after you have the money.

10. Run a contest – You want more & more people to be active with your blog? Offer a prize! Mention it on your blog that the readers stand a chance to enter into a draw, by doing some particular activity on your blog.

Do not consider blogging a heavy task that you need to accomplish for your nonprofit; simply follow these tips and source relevant content for your nonprofit blog.