After partnering in over 2,000 charity events, the Gesture Team has seen a variety of interesting, unique and off-the-beaten-path venues.

Most people have been to their fair share of events held at hotels, conference centers or restaurants. To switch things up Gesture has taken note of some incredible and creative spaces. By taking your event to a new location, your organization is creating a lasting memory for guests.

Here are five of our favorite event venues:

  1. Airplane Hangar– See Flight to Luxury. Combine a unique experience with the appeal of an event your guests will not want to miss.
FTL Plane Pic
  1. Cruise Ship– With a captive audience and a high-class feel, a Cruise Ship brings the right atmosphere for higher bids and a fantastic experience.
  1. Sports Stadium– Sports fans relish in going to the home of their favorite sports team.  Many stadiums have large event spaces built into their club levels. Not only will your guests enjoy your event, but they’ll also have the opportunity to experience an exclusive part of the venue.
  1. Car Dealership– Instead of looking for that car dealer to sponsor your event, bring the event to the dealership. Use the showroom floor as a platform for your event and let guests check out the latest cars.
  1. Beach– Sure a beach is messier than these other options, but who wouldn’t want to drop mega dollars with their favorite charity as they take in the ocean or lake air.

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