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Think of your fundraiser as a puzzle, and all of the different aspects of your event prep and night of activities as the puzzle pieces. Your fundraiser won’t be complete until each piece comes together.

While overlooking one small piece won’t ruin a puzzle, it does make an impact. Gesture eases the pressure and stress of event planning for nonprofits – but how?

Fundraising Puzzle - Guest Management

Know who’s coming to your event before it happens! Sell tickets, use our drag and drop seating management system, update guest information, and more.

  • Easily Seat or Group Your Guests – The Seating Management drag and drop tool is the easiest way to manage tables and golf foursomes for your event. Simply drag guests or groups into their appropriate table/foursome and you can even send them a text with their assignment information!
  • Sell Tickets and Register for the Auction – The Gesture platform is an all-in-one platform where you can sell tickets for your event and pre-register donors for your upcoming auction and when they arrive at the event, the website is the exact same and they are ready to give.
  • Accept Donations and Sell Add-Ons – Looking to get a head start on fundraising for your event? Utilize the easy Donate Now feature of Gesture’s Guest Management platform to collect donations from donors as they register. You can also sell add-ons like raffle tickets or organization branded items through the same order form.

Fundraising Puzzle - Simple Check-in and Checkout

Registration is quick and painless so donors can start bidding sooner. With pre-registration, automatic registration via integrated ticketing, and importing capabilities, we’ve got you covered.

  • Eliminate the lines by allowing guests to start bidding before the event begins.
  • Give your guests the VIP treatment by sending text notifications for seat assignments and foursome groupings.
  • The quick capture of mobile numbers and email addresses allows for easy communication during and after the event.

Fundraising Puzzle - User-friendly Platform

There’s no software to download or device to manage. Donors bid from their own phone or computer and remain up to date with SMS outbid notifications and status banners on every item.

  • Donors can easily bid on items or donate to an organization from our web-to-mobile platform, which looks the same no matter what device they’re using.
  • Send custom text messages throughout your appeal. If you’re setting up an auction, users will automatically receive a text message alerting them when they’ve been outbid with a link that takes them directly to the site.
  • Administrators can set up and update their site from any device, at any time through an easy-to-use platform.

Fundraising Puzzle - Ability to give from anywhere

Guests can easily donate from their phone anywhere, at any time. Donations can be made via text message or directly from the auction site.

  • Electronic bidding and donating allow your entire community of supporters to participate in the auction, even if they cannot physically attend an event. This allows you to maximize your overall revenue.

Fundraising Puzzle - On-site Event Staff

No phone? No problem! Our staff will act as personal shoppers during your event to ensure each donor has the white-glove experience they deserve.

  • Your Gesture On-site Manager will be your point of contact and event manager at your event, supervising the Gesture Pros and overseeing the agreed-upon run of show.
  • Gesture Pros can show guests how to place bids or donate to the organization as well as act as personal bidders for those who don’t have a phone.

Fundraising Puzzle - Real-time Dashboard Reporting

Monitor every aspect of your event, available at any time with our real-time dashboard reporting. Our admin interface is mobile friendly so you can access your dashboard on the go!

  • Your dashboard includes a comprehensive view of the revenue activity, payments and outstanding balances, guest information, bid history, top items, top bidders, batch reporting and more!
  • All data is available for export (CSV, Excel, PDF or Print) and can be formatted for easy transfer to your donor database or CRM.
  • You can access and download guest data from the Gesture real-time dashboard at any time.


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