Many healthcare organizations have fundraising for their cause down to a science. For the most part, their process of obtaining funds through donors and sponsors run without a hitch. Sadly, in this technologically evolving time, some institutions still fall short of goals that are within reach. At Gesture, our team of Account Managers always share some helpful insight that would not only ensure seamless fundraisers, but maximize funding across the board.

The traditional modes of fundraising that institutions such as hospitals use include: cocktail nights, casino nights, a physical paddle raise, and of course larger scale annual galas. Although these are already great ways to raise money, our Account Managers provided us with small, simple tips to improve on these methods that could significantly increase funding opportunities.

Here are a couple quick tips:

  1. Open your silent auction early! If silent auctions are opened earlier not only will there be more time for donors to explore auction items, but there will be more time for the bid price to increase to maximize funding opportunities.
  2. It is important to keep in mind that more able and willing donors appreciate and look forward to higher end galas and dinners to attend. This reinforces the importance of black tie events for hospitals because bigger budget galas attract larger income donors. Nothing makes a premium impression like glitz and glamour.
  3. It is imperative that an institution such as a hospital interacts with a vast audience. Hospitals influence communities, draw a large donor base, and even benefit from brand recognition. This can and will play as an advantage when seeking donations, funding, and sponsorships. Corporate Donation Guide
  4. Items such as extravagant trips and cruises bring in a significant amount of attention and bidding competition from willing donors. In addition to these trips, VIP experiences at award shows, back stage passes at concerts, club level seating at sporting events, and meet and greets with celebrities were highly valued items.
  5. You may not have contact information for all of your guests and supporters, so be sure to promote via social media. If you have celebrity or high end connections ask for a simple retweet and share on their social media. Sponsors should also be mentioned and asked so they can spread the word and utilize their own networks to support your cause.


We hope that our Account Managers were able to provide you with some helpful insight that will assist you in hosting smooth and successful fundraisers for years to come. Applying their observations and small improvements to traditional methods of fundraising can and will help your institution reach its goals and make hope happen.