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One of the biggest sporting events in America is coming up, and with it comes the start of the busiest fundraising season of the year.

Wouldn’t it be great if people were as excited about your fundraiser as they were about the Super Bowl? Wouldn’t you love for all of the money that people will spend on Super Bowl parties and appetizers be donated to your organization instead?

While no one can make those two wishes come true, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the Super Bowl into your fundraising so you can benefit from all the football hype.


Super Bowl Hype - Subheading 1

Bring your organization into the Super Bowl conversation by creating your own fun, over-the-top commercial to advertise one of your programs, an upcoming fundraiser, or your organization in general. Corporations spend big bucks on creating the perfect 30-second spot, but all you need is a smartphone or video camera, a basic movie editing software, a friend, and your creativity.

Most people have easy access to some type of video camera. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or actual video camera.

The good news is, video editing software is just as easy to access – and easier to use than you think. If you use a Windows computer, you can download Windows Movie Maker for free (download here and learn how to use it here), while Mac users can purchase iMovie for $15 (download here and learn how to use it here).

You have the equipment, now you just need an idea! Use past Super Bowl commercials for inspiration. Some are hilarious, others pull at your heartstrings, and some are just plain bizarre. You can take any of these approaches when creating your commercial. Write a script, enlist the help of co-workers, friends, or family members, and start filming!

Once it’s ready, share on social media. To reach an even bigger audience, use #SB51 (the official hashtag of the 2017 Super Bowl), or tag the NFL or the Super Bowl’s social media pages.


Super Bowl Hype - Subheading 2

People love gambling, especially when it comes to big games like the Super Bowl. Tap into that spirit by creating an appeal like a Touchdown Pledge Drive! Donors can choose to pledge $5, $20, $50, etc. per touchdown scored by the Patriots, the Falcons, or both teams in Super Bowl LI. Send the appeal to your supporters through email the week leading up to the game and encourage them to participate with posts on your social media accounts.

You can give live updates throughout the game on February 5 on your social media accounts to keep donors in the loop. This has the potential to grow your number of social media followers, as well as raise more money for your organization with little effort on your part.

These two ideas can help your organization get an extra boost towards 2017 fundraising. Have another idea or example? Email us at!