social media nonprofits

Growing a social media presence generally takes time and we all know that time is a precious commodity that is in short supply in the nonprofit world.

Below are 5 ways nonprofits can use social media to help their organization stand out:

1 Share Stories
A majority of non-profit organizations have a rich and long history. You should post pictures and videos going back in time, dig from your archives. The history keeps fans engaged in your activities and proves your dedication to the organization and its cause. This aspect will help you get the message you want across to so many fans.

2 Donation Features
Thanks to the Donate Now button, instead of forcing users off Facebook and away from their friends, nonprofit’s can now accept donations in a pop-up window right on Facebook. Users can choose how much they want to give and either enter payment details or use ones already stored with Facebook. The pop-up can boost conversion rates and get more funds to needy projects.

3 Share Testimonials
Why not transfer client’s testimonials to your Facebook Page and bring the spotlight of your newsletter to a wider audience. More people will read the newsletter and you have the opportunity to bring across your messages.

4 Behind The Scenes
Post behind the camera footage of video and photos taken with a smart phone or camcorder showing how you, the directors, workers and volunteers come together to achieve your organization’s goal. Such behind the scenes footages will create personal relationships with fans and it becomes an easy task to get your mission across.

5 Use Video to Show off the Results
Believe us when we tell you donors always love to be updated about how the money they have donated is being used. Take videos and pictures of the things you have bought or services you have performed with the donated money. Always thank each and every fan for their contribution.