Text messaging is a great way to reach your donors where they are most active: on their phones. Below are some tips on how to utilize text messaging during your fundraising event to increase donations.

  1. Keep your Messages Short and Simple: You don’t want donors to take their attention away from your carefully planned program to read your text message; make it short and easy to read so that your donor can spend just a few seconds reading and your message will be properly conveyed.
  2. Have a Call-to-Action: In your messaging, tell your donors what you want them to do and make it easy for them to complete that action by including a link. Most of your donors will have cell phones, so accessing a link on their phone will be simple and lead them to your pre-prepared web material.
  3. Create Urgency/FOMO: Compel your donors to do what you are asking them to do by utilizing the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) technique. Giving something an expiration date or time increases the urgency on the end of the donors.
  4.  Timing is Everything: Create a communications plan for the event and dedicate a volunteer to execute this plan. No matter the amount of planning behind an event, the timing will deviate so having a person send the messages instead of using an automated program will ensure the messages are delivered at the right time! (If utilizing Gesture, our on-site team helps in the execution of this plan and already has text message templates ready for you to use).
  5. Send Meaningful Content: You don’t want your donors to think that your messages are spam and want to unsubscribe because they are annoyed. Make sure that you are sending content that is relevant and useful to them. For example, it matters to each attendee that the silent auction is closing at 10:30 pm, but it may not matter to everyone that Jimmy Gesture is the winner of the rock climbing package item.
  6. Give Donors a Way to Give: If you are using text messaging to reach donors, donors should be able to give using their phone. Whether you use text-to-give, a mobile friendly donation site, or an app, the ultimate call to action of each message should be for the donor to make a donation to your organization. The easier you make it to give, the more likely you will receive donations!