I’m John Polacek and I’m lead web developer at Gesture. That means I get to use my knowledge of technology to help charities, and so in the spirit of that, I have picked 3 apps can come in handy when you are planning your next charity event.

The first of these is Trello.

Trello is great for when you have a list of stuff that needs to get done.

You can share lists with different groups, adjust priorities of tasks and basically just keep track of everything.

You can use it on your laptop, your tablet or your phone, and everything just syncs up.

And it is free. Go to Trello.com or search for trello in your app store.

Next up is Unroll.me

A big blocker for getting things done is email. Unroll.me is an app that works with your email to keep your inbox clean. You will easily be able to get rid of all your junk mail, and organize the emails you want to keep. Just go to Unroll.me on your browser and follow the instructions there.

Google Docs

Lots of people already use Google Docs, but what people sometimes miss are the excellent built-in collaboration features. Beyond providing a place to store your document in the cloud, Google makes it super easy to simultaneously edit your docs with other people whether you are huddled in a room together or spread out all over the world. Find out more by searching on Google for google docs tutorials.