At Gesture, we value the work you do and are both ready and excited to work with our charity partners to raise $1 billion between 2016 and 2021. In our efforts to help you raise more, we’ve compiled a collection of corporations that give to organizations in various manners to form our 2018 Corporate Donation Guide.

Simply fill out your information below and you will be able to download the 2018 Corporate Donation Guide:

Corporate Donation Guide Contents:

  1. Tips from the Trenches: Learn key tips and tricks about auction items from seasoned account managers.
  2. Corporate Donation List: Gather information on companies that make donations to nonprofit organizations, including what types of organizations they donate to and how you can go about asking for an item or donation.
  3. Donation Request Letters: Use example letters to write a donation request letter that businesses cannot deny!
  4. Item Procurement Ideas: Know what the most sought after items are in various categories including food & wine, sports, kids, and art.
  5. Grant Writing Tips: Maximize your chances of receiving grant funds by following five important pieces of advice.
  6. Additional Resources: Learn where to find more information from Gesture and how to connect with us!.