March is filled with excitement and the country will have its eyes on the Final Four and their upcoming games. With this in mind, here are three tips to avoid getting lost in the mix of the March Madness and create some fun fundraising campaigns around this monumental event.


  1. Treat social media as a platform, not a promotional tool: Social Media will be filled with March Madness talk. Instead of being one of the many posting the same old puns and plays on words, create buzz around your cause with specific and positive messaging that draws in a reader to become passionate or increase their support for your cause.
  2. Tell a Compelling Story: They call it March Madness because there is a buzz in the air and the excitement is overwhelming. Stories run rampant around the teams that are participating, many of which are heart-warming in nature. Position your message to connect with active and inactive donors. Tell your story via social media and your public website. This is a great time to film an uplifting video or publish a story about how you are making an impact.
  3. Participate or Invite Donors to Participate in a Bracket Fun-draiser: There are tons of people looking for different ways to participate in the madness of March. Create a pool or some type of bracket game around the tournament where the proceeds will proportionally go back to your organization, but the winner can get something cool! Maybe an auction item that did not sell at your event or was recently donated.

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Enjoy the madness!