Upcoming Event: Coalition for Children, Youth, & Families

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Be part of an event that believes that every child, youth, and family deserves encouragement and support everyday. The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families is committed to providing outstanding services to each individual, family, and organization through recruitment, placement support, education, training and advocacy. Not only are they loyal to their word, they also aim to bring awareness throughout Wisconsin and the country to effective programs and services. This organization is set on helping people find happiness by being the connectors, the bridge-makers, and providers. With the goal of continuous quality and growth, Coalition for Children, Youth & Families continues to change kids’ lives through foster care and adoption!


On November 19, 2015, the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families will present their annual There’s No Place Like Home gala in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This event provides hope to those children who have had a hard time finding their home, ancoalition 1d also peace of mind to those who are looking to become foster and/or adoptive parents. Wisconsin is full of children and youth who are dreaming to find a place they could call home, and with your support, that can become a reality.


By showing your support at this event, you are becoming a piece of the success story in which Coalition hopes to build. To learn more about the Coalition and the There’s No Place Like Home event, visit ­­this site.