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Gesture Talks Nonprofits using Tech with Blue Sky

Gesture’s Marketing Manager, Brandon Stec, shares his insights on the nonprofits using tech in order to advance their causes.

Find the article here or read it below. Contact us to see how we can help you raise more at your next fundraising event!

How are nonprofits using tech to advance their causes?

From Blue Sky, June 24, 2016

13312688_885091221634516_3279902828349351207_nNEW FEATURE: Blue Sky has teamed with Chicago startup Hearken, an audience engagement platform for newsrooms, to find out what you want to know about startups and technology. We’ll answer simpler questions in “Ask Blue Sky” and report others in longer stories. Let us know what you want to learn! Here’s our latest question, from Anonymous via Hearken.

Nonprofits are using technology and data to reach more diverse donors in different ways, said Brandon Stec, marketing manager at mobile bidding company Gesture.

The Westmont-based startup provides technology to nonprofits that brings their silent auctions and ticketing platforms online. That can give people the ability to easily donate and bid on their phones, or reach people who aren’t even at an event.

But these days, nonprofits tend to go further than that, Stec said.

They’re using social media to tell their stories and reach donor bases in ways beyond just asking for money. That builds strong relationships with donors, he said. Just sending an email doesn’t cut it anymore.

“Email is almost archaic these days,” Stec said. “Everything is communicated through social media or text messages.”

Chicago Cubs first basemen Anthony Rizzo’s Family Foundation is an example, Stec said. The foundation, which raises money for cancer research and support for families, tweets often about its events and campaigns. Rizzo not only retweets the info from his account, but also shares the story about his own battle with cancer.

Nonprofits tend to adopt new technology slower than other companies, Stec said, partially because they have restrictive budgets. But the ones that move quickly have seen greater increase in donations and activity from new donors.

Charities have tapped into tools like Facebook’s “Donate Now” button, and have learned what platforms to use to reach certain demographics. They’re also learning to read data and put it to work.

“Data is at our fingertips now. Everyone is using it a little bit,” he said. “The ones who are using it effectively are the ones who are digging into who’s giving and why they’re giving.”

The work in nonprofit data analytics often lies in understanding people, said Christine Campigotto, applied data science manager at data analytics startup Civis Analytics. That could mean volunteers, donors, activists or the people receiving the charity’s service.

Nonprofits that already know a lot of information about their donors can analyze the data to better understand what kind of geographic and economical trends are driving them, she said.

Those without much data can gather information through surveys, and use that to find where their services are needed, she said. For example, Civis conducted a survey for a nonprofit that helps those without health insurance. The survey results told the nonprofit where people that lacked health insurance lived.

Most organizations track return on investment through multiple channels. Pulling those together allows nonprofits to make more informed decisions on the best ways to spend their money, and identify the most worthwhile donors to target.

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Common Ground with the Three G’s: Golf, Giving & Gesture


What do golf and giving have in common? Answer: Gesture.


We’re hitting the green with our charity partners at hundreds of golf outings this summer. With the warm temperatures officially here to stay across the country, we want to make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff at your event and can focus on what matters most: engaging your donors and raising more money to make hope happen.

That’s where Gesture comes in! With our streamlined ticketing, check-in/out and mobile bidding technology, everything from pre-registration to post-event reporting can be found in one place. Here are some ways we can help you ensure your golf outing is a great experience for your donors and you hit your fundraising goal.

  1. Enhance your sponsorship program by adding sponsor logos and a link to their website to your auction page so supporters everywhere know about your biggest sponsors. This is a great way to get their names in front of all of your donors.
  2. Finding volunteers to man the golf outing can be a huge project, especially if it’s scheduled for a weekday and your usual volunteers are stuck at work. Gesture will help staff the event for you! Our pros will work check-in and check-out, walk around helping your golfers bid on items and take donations on-site. You’ll need to find less volunteers, and the ones you have will be put to better use spreading the good news about your organization as they run specialty holes, sell raffle tickets and network with your donors.
  3. If you’re looking for auction items or raffle prizes, use our 2015 corporate donation list. From restaurants to airlines, major companies have programs where you can apply to request donation items. We put together a list – take a look!
  4. Utilize our real time dashboard, which will detail your registered users, bidding activity and revenue totals. All reports are broken out in easy-to-read pie charts, and can be accessed on the go from your mobile phone. Browse through them during the event or wait until your feet are up in your air-conditioned home – the reports will be ready for you as soon as you want them!

Our charity partner, The First Tee South Puget Sound, used Gesture for their biggest annual fundraiser, The Harbottle Golf Classic. Here’s what they had to say!

First Tee Puget Sound Golf Auction Fundraiser“On the day of the event, check-in was a breeze, bidding went smoothly, and checkout was quick and simple. The user friendly mobile bidding features, as well as the Gesture staff interaction with donors, contributed to an increase in revenue and a positive donor experience. After the event I received follow up reports which were clear, concise, and allowed us to close our event in record time! We are very impressed with Gesture and will be using them again for next years’ event.”

Contact Gesture today to take the first steps in planning your next golf outing or event.

Don’t forget to use #GolfandGive when posting about your next golf outing to be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card.

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It’s Tee Time – Raise More Money This Summer


It’s Tee Time – Raise More Money This Summer

The golf course is booked, silent auction items are set, foursomes are lined up and you’re ready to kick off your event. Congratulations, the prep work is done, and that’s something to celebrate! Now it’s time to think about the day of and how you can maximize the opportunities to raise money at your event. There’s a lot of down time as golfers wait for the rest of their foursome – or the foursome in front of them – to finish a hole. Here are three easy ways to engage your golfers while they wait.

  1. Bidding – You worked hard on gathering those auction items – let’s make sure the golfers know about them. Set up signs around the golf course reminding golfers about the items available. Using golf carts? That’s prime real estate! Posters can be taped to the cart before they hit the course.
  2. Donating – Encourage your golfers to donate to your organization. Where and how are you allocating the money you raise at the outing? Let them know what the impact of their support will be.
  3. Promoting –Down time is the perfect time for golfers to take pictures they can share on their social media accounts. Encourage them to use your event’s hashtag, tag your organization in their posts, or both. They can even check in on Facebook to let their friends know they’re supporting your cause. Make sure you “like” those posts, or even comment to thank them for attending.

Bidding and donating can be made easier and portable by using fundraising technology, which Gesture would provide when partnering with your charity organization. Contact Gesture today to take the next steps to start planning your next golf outing or event.


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Drive for Show; Putt for Dough – Four on Par Ways to Drive More Donations


Drive for Show; Putt for Dough – Four on Par Ways to Drive More Donations

Springtime is here and that means it is golf season around the country! As you dust off your driver and replace your old golf towel for a new, clean one you picked up randomly at a trade show, take some time to make sure your upcoming Charity Golf Tournament has all the pieces necessary to be a huge success. Over the past five years, Gesture has partnered with well over 500 golf tournaments with charity partners dedicated to a variety of unique missions. That is a lot of birdies and eagles!

  1. “Mulligans” – A mulligan is a Re-Do. By offering your golfers the chance to purchase “Mulligans” for the upcoming tournament, you give every golfer the chance to win or poorer golfers the chance to purchase extra shots to keep up with the leaders of the pack.
  2. “Gimmes” – Offer golfers the chance to make that putt which is a few inches short into a birdie by offering “Gimme” packages. Golfers can purchase 1 for $25 and up to 4 per player and you make more money without any extra work and golfers can look like Tiger Woods.
  3. “Closest to the Pin” or “Longest Drive” – Give golfers the opportunity to compete on the par 3 holes or that long par 5 to see who can win a “special prize”. The ability to compete on an equal playing field for a small fee is a great way to get a few extra donations out of your golfers.
  4. “Equipment Rental” – For that tricky sand shot or the mid-iron fairway shot that few amateur golfers carry the best club, allow golfers to rent a unique club for the one shot for a small donation of $100 (or more/less). This allows golfers to try something new and feel like a pro and if you work well with the golf course, you can get that gap wedge or hybrid donated for the event.
  5. (Bonus Shot) – “Celebrity Drive” – Have a local celebrity or golf pro take a drive on your golfers’ behalf in exchange for a donation. This is a great way to involve a known community member or your local course’s golf pro and golfers get the thrill out of someone setting them up for a birdie.

All of these fundraising elements can be accomplished through mobile technology as well, which is just another perk Gesture provides when partnering with your charity organization. Try these out on your upcoming golf outing and let us know how we can help.

Contact Gesture today to take the next steps to start planning your next golf outing or event.

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Guest Blog Post: Prime Your Fundraiser for Success – Donorsearch

Advance research and preparation helps you make the most of your nonprofit’s fundraising event by increasing both funds raised and expanding the donor pool. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your fundraising efforts.


1. Advance Prospect Screening

Before you begin planning your fundraising event, perform a prospect screening of your current donor pool. Prospect screenings can make the difference between your event being a “night to remember” and a “night to quickly forget.” Carefully review your list of supporters, research the opportunities and uncover key data that you may use from initial event planning to post-event follow-up actions.

Prospect screening identifies two key factors — a person’s interest in making a philanthropic donation and a person’s ability to make said donation.

Look at data that marks both wealth and philanthropic interest, such as past giving to your organization; involvement with other nonprofits, real estate ownership, and political giving.

Use this information to develop a new event or tweak an established event to ensure you  plan the right type of event and attract the right type of donor.  Should you plan a glamorous black tie gala or host an outside fun run or plan an indoor energetic dance-a-thon? Good prospect research helps determine if you are on track.

To build a strong guest list be sure to first take a second look at your screening results. Ask yourself which donors best suits the event you’re planning rather than compile the largest group of names. Invite the right targets and encourage them to bring guests introducing more donor prospects to your organization.

Special kick-off events to support a major capital campaign require a special approach. According to DonorSearch’s capital campaign guide, these types of events bridge the gap between the quiet and public phases of your campaign. It’s important to build a guest list that strikes a balance of attendees from the quiet phase who are major donors and attendees who may participate in the public phase yet may not fall into a higher giving level.


2. Plan Donor Time During Event

Know your donors. No matter your purpose or style of fundraising event be sure to identify in advance which high giving donors are planning to attend. Develop a plan of action to seek them out during the event. Review your prospect research and call out potential high-quality prospects. Compile a list. Assign a team member who will find ways to have meaningful interactions with the prospects to further engage their support and understanding of your mission and needs.

The benefits of researching well before the first guest arrives helps you better engage donors of all levels.


3. Embrace Technology To Raise More Money

To help your ensure your team is available to spend quality time at your event, plan ahead and enlist outside vendors to help you make your event the most successful possible. Technology simplifies many tasks typically held by board members, key volunteers or extra staff.

Embracing technology not only streamlines the front and back end of fundraising operations but also frees up valuable time for your key board members and volunteers to spend with your guests focusing on engaging donor prospects.

Smartphones are increasingly popular making the bridge to incorporate mobile bidding technology into your event easy. Mobile bidding technology can be seamlessly executed throughout the event helping guests use a simple gesture or swipe of a smartphone or tablet to increase support through silent auctions, fund the need or text-to-give. Mobile bidding technology leads to increased funds raised at most events.

Text-to-give can also have a powerful impact. Consider conducting a text-to-give ask following an impactful speaker that clearly illustrates your impact and need. Text-to-give offers guest a quick, simple way to act and choose their level of giving. Bonus: Ask for a message of support and watch your guests help increase your awareness along with their monetary contribution.

A good mobile bidding platform can also deliver information about your charity adding value to increase awareness before, during and after your event. Invited guests unable to attend an event may participate remotely creating additional opportunity for donations without the extra expense at the event itself.

Bonus tip: After the event ends, you can continue to reach your guests through mobile bidding technology with last minute, special items or a general thank you with an option to donate once again.


4. Involve Area Businesses: Ask for in-kind donations

Corporate giving accounts for billions of dollars in charitable giving each year. From matching gifts to volunteer grants to annual gifts, there’s no shortage of opportunities to embrace corporate social responsibility.

Asking for in-kind donations from local businesses helps secure necessary event supplies while fostering relationships with prominent businesses in your community that may lead to more involvement and support.

Advance research helps uncover companies that donate that may lead to attention, larger partnerships down the line.

Gesture also offers a terrific guide to find sponsorships, donations, grants, and other ways corporations help nonprofit organizations with their fundraising initiatives. You can view the 2017 Corporate Donation Guide here.


5. Engage Supporters: Encourage Volunteerism

Nonprofits should actively seek ways to engage their support base; encouraging volunteerism.

Volunteers see firsthand the work that goes into carrying out your mission offering a window into your nonprofit’s inner workings to connect supporters to your cause for life.

There are countless ways to get involved including:

Bonus tip: You can apply a similar donor prospect screening methodology to learn more about your volunteers. Click here to find out more!


6. Post Event Screening of Attendees

Post event, you will have a list of new supporters and donors. Again, it’s important to research the list with the same practices used for advance donor prospects.

After carefully screening your post-event list, you’ll have a clear idea of the best way to handle follow-up messaging, future communications and more. Post event attendee screenings are an important step to greatly improve your donor list and better ways to handle donor stewardship.

Who knows? You might have a new major donor in your midst that needs to be passed along to your major gift officer.


7. Update your donor database.

Last, but not least, once you’ve acquired all sorts of valuable donor information, it’s paramount that you ensure your database reflects your new data.

Depending on the CRM you’re working with, much of your new data may have already funneled into your database. If not, it’s a critical step to review and update to ensure continued success with fundraising.

Best practice is to keep your database up-to-date, or clean, on an ongoing basis. To clean your database, remove any inactive donors, check that all contact information is correct and clear out any duplicates. Create database management procedures. Defined donor base procedures help your team not only expedite the process but also reduce errors and increase long-range support and donor retention.


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A Simple Gesture: How to Display Silent Auction Items

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.49.51 PM

A Simple Gesture: Fundraising Tips for Charity Events

How to Display Silent Auction Items

Some would say it is not about how the auction looks, but instead, what items are available to bid on. At Gesture we consider every speck of detail crucial to maximize the opportunity to raise a full potential of donor dollars. It is important to not only package your silent auction items properly, but also to show them off in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Below are some tips from the Gesture team on how to display your silent auction items at your event:

  1. Item Display Sheets: For items not present or that do not have a physical display (i.e. certificates, gift cards, trips), framed item display sheets to keep your guests intrigued.
  2. Tiered Items: If you are at a venue with limited space, create tiers of items so you can still show off all your wonderful items.Auction_photo_A18CEA9522C63
  3. Eye Level: Not only does it help your donors’ posture, but by elevating your items to eye level, you are elevating the quality perception of your auction items. This makes it easier to identify items across a big room as well.
  4. Elegant/Concise Item Descriptions: You don’t need to be a wordsmith to describe auction items in an appealing way, but you do need to take into account different ways to describe simple items without confusing donors.

With these tips in mind, feel free to reach out to your Gesture Account Manager or one of our Account Executives if you are not a current customer to start planning your next event. The Gesture Team is here to help and hopefully this information helps strategize your next silent auction. Email us at to speak with an Account Executive.

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A Simple Gesture: How to Drive Donations to your Event Site

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.49.51 PM

A Simple Gesture: Tips for Fundraising at Charity Events

Have a Facebook business page for your organization? You can easily add a call-to-action button that will help drive people from Facebook to take actions that are important to your business. This is easy to set up and best of all – free!

Follow these easy steps to set it up!

Please note, the Call to Action button is gradually being rolled out and may not be immediately available.

What action is important to your organization?

Make sure you choose the action that will drive customers where you want them to go. The button options include:

  • Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.23.50 PM (1)Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Donate Now*
  • Send Message
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

*Available exclusively to non-profit organizations. Give your Facebook followers an easy way to donate to your organization by linking your Facebook Page directly to your event’s Donate Now form.

Want to Choose “Donate Now,” but it doesn’t show up as an option?

Make sure your Page’s category is set as “Non-Profit Organization.” To change the category:

  1. Click About below your Page’s cover photo
  2. Click Page Info in the left column
  3. Hover over the Category section and click Edit
  4. Select “Companies & Organizations” in the first dropdown menu, then select “Non-Profit Organizations” from the second dropdown menu
  5. Click Save Changes.

There is no limit to the number of times you can change the category of your Page.

Content taken from:

I’m ready to go – how do I create the call to action button?

  1. Go to your Page’s cover photo and click Create Call to Action. If you’re already using a Call to Action button and wish to replace it with a Donate Now button, you can select Edit Call to Action.
    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.22.48 PM
  2. Choose your call to action, and enter the URL to which you want to direct your customers (i.e. if your call to action is Donate Now, direct them to your donation page). If you’re a Gesture client, you can find your event/donation link in the Help Center under Getting Started, then Event Link.
  3. Click Create.

Content taken from:

Now what?

You can track the number of people who have clicked on the button in two ways:

  • Hover over your Page’s Create Call to Action button and then hover over View Insights to see how many clicks it’s received in the past seven days.
  • Go to This week on the right side of your Page and then hover over the box that shows the name of your call to action to see how many people have clicked your call to action that week.

Content taken from:

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A Simple Gesture: Warming Up Your Donors For The Holidays

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.49.51 PM

Warming Up Your Donors For The Holidays

A Simple Gesture: Tips for Fundraising at Charity Events

Across the country temperatures are dropping, and with this in mind, it is time to strategize for next year’s giving programs. The end of the year means many things to many people and the holidays bring a special warmth to these months of freezing breezes. Take this chance for one more push for your donors to dig deep into their pockets and support you one more time. Check out these simple tips to help make this end of the year giving even easier on them.

Tips for End of the Year Giving:

  1. Budget Season – After you release that melancholy sigh at the thought of year-end budgets, you should smile bright. This means that extra, tax-deductible cash is available to the right cause at the right time. Make sure all business owners and corporate supporters know you are still looking to raise more money. Send them a reminder about the perks of donating to your organization.
  2. Gift Giving Mode – While your donors are buying gifts for their hair stylist, banker, and aunt’s husband’s nephew’s future wife, they can also support their favorite charity with a gracious donation to cap off a marvelous year. Share the successes from past donations along with future goals, so your donor will keep you in mind as they distribute their holiday bonus.
  3. People Want to Give Around the Holidays – Nothing says giving like the holiday season. Whether it is Santa Claus or their Aunt Petunia, donors ooze the spirit of giving from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year’s Celebration. Many want to earn brownie points toward this time as well and what is better than giving away some money to a good cause?
  4. Be A Part of the Resolution – Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution. It is common practice nowadays. In the spirit of giving, why not create some buzz by having your own Resolution for your organization. Is it to help more children beat cancer? Maybe it is to provide more books to low income school districts? Whether your mission is big or small or local or national, a resolution is something everyone can get behind and support.

These are a few tips from the Gesture team. After hitting $100 million raised for our charity partners, we are geared up for 2016 with similar strategies and plans already in place. To book your 2016 event with Gesture today, contact us here

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A Simple Gesture: Freaky Friday (Scary Auction Items)

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.49.51 PM

Freaky Friday (Scary Auction Items)

A Simple Gesture: Tips for Fundraising at Charity Events

Halloween is a terrific time to hold a themed event and with this in mind, the Gesture Team has compiled some Halloween themed auction items. While it may be too late to take advantage of the holiday this year, hopefully these outside-the-box suggestions will help with planning for next year.

Halloween-Inspired Scary Auction Items:

  1. Autographed Movie Poster from one of the classic horror movies
  2. Haunted House Passes
  3. Free Halloween Makeover (include face painting, prosthetics, and dental removal)
  4. Vintage Halloween Decorations
  5. Large Collection of Scary Movies

Happy Halloween!


Contact the Gesture Team to book your next silent auction event. Contact Us

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5 Unique Charity Event Venues

After partnering in over 2,000 charity events, the Gesture Team has seen a variety of interesting, unique and off-the-beaten-path venues.

Most people have been to their fair share of events held at hotels, conference centers or restaurants. To switch things up Gesture has taken note of some incredible and creative spaces. By taking your event to a new location, your organization is creating a lasting memory for guests.

Here are five of our favorite event venues:

  1. Airplane Hangar– See Flight to Luxury. Combine a unique experience with the appeal of an event your guests will not want to miss.
FTL Plane Pic
  1. Cruise Ship– With a captive audience and a high-class feel, a Cruise Ship brings the right atmosphere for higher bids and a fantastic experience.
  1. Sports Stadium– Sports fans relish in going to the home of their favorite sports team.  Many stadiums have large event spaces built into their club levels. Not only will your guests enjoy your event, but they’ll also have the opportunity to experience an exclusive part of the venue.
  1. Car Dealership– Instead of looking for that car dealer to sponsor your event, bring the event to the dealership. Use the showroom floor as a platform for your event and let guests check out the latest cars.
  1. Beach– Sure a beach is messier than these other options, but who wouldn’t want to drop mega dollars with their favorite charity as they take in the ocean or lake air.

Want to discuss more creative ways to raise more money? Contact us here: Contact Form

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Increase the Bids

Tips for Fundraising at Charity Events

Over the past four years Gesture has witnessed a high variety of events, which has enabled us to compile best practices. As experts in silent auctions, this month we want to share how simple decisions can increase the number of bids at your event.

The following four tips are suggestions Gesture Team Members share when discussing upcoming events with our charity partners:

  1. The Ticket Matches The Event: Set a ticket price that is appropriate for the setting of the event. A higher ticket price will attract the right kind of bidders for an upscale event, such as, a black-tie gala. Be mindful, you don’t want to get caught with ticket prices that will deter people from becoming potential guests. For example, a hoe down at Bob’s BBQ will have a much lower ticket price than the black-tie gala.
  2. A Leaky Faucet Draws Attention: Leak the “big ticket” items to your donors in advance and allow guests to view the available auction items before the big event. If they see something they want in advance, they will be prepared to bid high and often.
  3. Early Birds Catch The Auction Items: Allow bidding to begin before the event starts. By opening your auction early, bidders can preview items and start bidding. Some guests like to set up an auto-bid which allows them to set it and forget it.
  4. Diversity Creates Equal Opportunities: Be creative! Present a diverse selection of items that will appeal to the different interests of your guests. People love unique items they don’t see at every other fundraising event. (Maybe we will share our list of creative items one day soon…) When packaging these unique items, don’t forget to be diverse in your pricing. Bundle them in a way that will allow for a range of starting prices. Using a percentage of the Fair Market Value allows you to control the price and creates consistency across the different items. Don’t let high starting bids leave money in the room.

To find out more, contact our team: Contact Form

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Kicking off the School Year: How Mobile Bidding Helped the PTA

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.49.51 PM

Here’s a common story…

Janet and her family were new to the area, so she thought it would help to get involved in her community. So, she joined her son’s high school Parent Teacher Association. Little did she know, she was nominated to the Auction Committee, even though she’d never done a charity event before.


When the Auction Committee met for the first time, Janet noticed they were using paper bidding sheets for the silent auction and it was a total mess of information. One of the volunteers had entered the winning bids into an Excel spreadsheet, but no one knew how many bids were made on each item. She knew there had to be a better way. She googled silent auction ideas and found Gesture. Not only did Gesture provide a solution that would solve problems the PTA ran into over the past few years at the Parents’ Dinner, but they also were easy to work with and helpful every step of the way. Their event ended up raising more money from the silent auction than they ever had before!


Here are some tips from Janet’s first experience with a mobile silent auction:

1. Have a Variety – Providing a variety of items will appeal to your guests many interests.

2. Create a Buzz – Before your dinner, create a buzz among guests.

3. Keep the Party Going – The more people enjoy their time, the more they will bid. Don’t cut off the silent auction early. Instead keep it open as long as you can.

4. Promote Early – Once you have your website set up, start promoting some of your auction items and the event through social media and email blasts.


Janet is just one example of charity partners who have experienced the freedom from switching to a mobile auction platform. The ease of use and flexibility allowed with this technology creates a premium donor experience and maximizes revenue. Be like Janet and contact Gesture today to find out more.


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