School fundraisers are unique, and the items that are popular are different from what you may find at another type of fundraising event!

Back-to-School Raffles:

Parents can purchase tickets from any location on Gesture’s platform. Create themed raffle baskets for “back to school”. Here are some back to school basket ideas:

  • School Spirit: Show off school pride with school-branded gear like a backpack, sweatshirt, t-shirt, and stickers!
  • All Packed Up: Get kids ready for the new year with everything they’ll need to succeed; include notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, a calculator, and anything else a student may need!



St. Ambrose School Book Bucket Raffle


Class-Specific Items:

Create auction items that are specific to each class or grade. Here’s an idea:

  • Choose Your Seat: the winning parent in this auction will be able to have their child choose where they sit in the classroom for the first semester, trimester, or quarter! You can hold the same auction for each class in order to maximize fundraising revenue.

Sports Tickets Auction:

Offer season front-row tickets for Fall sports in an online auction. You can offer a pack of two or use the double-up strategy (discussed in this webinar) to double revenue and give four supporters the best seats in the house!

Parking Privileges:

Designate and reserve a parking spot for the winning bidder of this item. Ideally, the parking spot is one of the closest to the school so that they have easy access to drop-off, pick-up, and school events. You could auction this spot to a new winner each month or allow the winner to keep the spot for the entire school year.

If you’re a high school and want to offer a similar item to seniors, we recommend you offer it as a raffle instead of an auction. The lower ticket price will entice more students to give back to their school with the hopes of winning an amazing parking spot.

Buy the Ball:

Offer the game ball in an auction during the game. Announce at the beginning that the game ball will be available to win in an auction and give guests the instructions to register. It can be as easy as texting a keyword, like “PLAYBALL”, to 52182 and you can even print the registration instructions on the game program. As the score goes up, the bids will too!

Dinner and a Show:

For school theater productions, create a package that allows parents to feel like they’re on Broadway. Partner with local restaurants to offer an auction item with a gift card for dinner, a premium parking space, and front row seats.



Orange Lutheran High School Musical


Class Pizza Party:

Challenge the parents of different classes to raise money for a class pizza party! If you have three 5th grade classes, you could challenge the classes to see which class can raise more, and the winning class gets a pizza party for lunch one day!

50/50 Raffles:

Many schools offer 50/50 raffles during sporting events or theater shows and often. These are a great way to raise funds for the school, and sometimes the winner will donate their 50% back to the school! You can have students volunteer to walk around the court, field, or bleachers during the game selling tickets and draw the winner at halftime. 

Bake Sale:

In this day and age, many people don’t carry cash. If you’re hosting a bake sale at your school, allow users to pay for their purchases online so that they can use a credit card!

College Kick-Off:

With most of your graduating class heading to college, provide parents the opportunity to supply their kids with everything they’ll need while also supporting the school! You could create an online auction with different packages, like:

  • No More Ramen: Include non-perishable snack foods like granola bars and oatmeal along with dorm room kitchen appliances like an electronic water kettle, a mini-fridge, and any other appliances that colleges allow. You can also include some basic utensils, plates, and cups so that the student will be ready for some late night snacking after a hard day of classes.
  • Dorm Sweet Dorm: This package should be full of items that students need to make their dorm room feel like home, like Twin XL sheets, a laundry basket, and towels.


Create a “buy-it-now” item for each seat in the front row at graduation. Being in the front will allow parents to get the best possible shot of their graduate walking across the stage! If there are 20 seats and you offer each seat for a $100 donation, you can easily make $2,000 in revenue for your school. The first 20 to purchase get the seats!

Celebrate the Artists:

Many classes will have an “end of year” art project that combines each student into a masterpiece of art. You could create an auction or raffle for each class and the winning bidder would get to take home the project!

Summer Fun:

With kids excited to get out of school and have the summer to themselves, you can create auction items that are focused on fun summer activities like mountain biking, swimming, and hiking. Partner with local summer camps to see if they will donate a week to the camp for your auction!



Brainerd Public Schools Foundation Auction


There is many great ways that schools can use what they have to increase fundraising revenue. From the beginning of the school year to the end, there isn’t a shortage of fundraising opportunity. Do you have any great items that parents at your school love? Let us know in the comment section!