Gesture wants you to hit a home run with your next fundraising initiative and has the products and technology to get from first base to home.

First Base

At first base, you’ll find Gesture’s guest management technology which helps you to sell tickets, gather important information, seat your guests, create a custom event homepage, collect donations, and more. Your first base coach is your event on-site manager who is with you every step of the way to manage Gesture’s team of professionals and ensure everything goes as planned.

Guests can pre-register online or register once they arrive at the event. We’ll collect the relevant information that you request and after doing so, guests will receive a link that they can use to view and bid on all silent auction items.

Second Base

At second base, you’ll find the ability to seamlessly execute fundraising activities at your event including the silent and live auctions, raffles, donation campaigns, and more. During a fund-the-need donation campaign, Gesture offers a display that updates instantly as the amount raised increases. Guests can donate using their phones or use the help of a Gesture team-member. The display can be customized to make it feel more personalized for your organization!


As you pass the shortstop, you’ll hear the text notifications bidders receive when they have been outbid. This encourages some friendly competition and helps to drive up the bids and raise more for your organization! If some items are still without bids, your on-site manager can help with sending out a text message to all event attendees encouraging them to check out those items.

Third Base

At third base, you’ll find the simple and quick checkout process. Users will receive a text message asking them to check out and pay for their donations and auction items. After they are checked out, we will assist your volunteers in gathering the silent auction items and delivering them to donors. If any donors are having trouble using their phone to checkout, we’re more than happy to assist them using the iPads we provide for the event. This checkout process makes sure the event ends on a good note and everyone is happy headed home!

Home Plate

Once you’ve reached home plate, check out some of the data from your event. Gesture’s dashboard allows you to analyze top items, top donors, and other key metrics from the event. Your Account Manager will go over all of this information as well as other key event details with you in order to make a game-plan for how to improve your next fundraising initiative.

Let’s Make Hope Happen with a Home Run!

Gesture’s goal is to make hope happen by ensuring that your fundraising initiative is a success. We’re here for you from the planning stages to the execution, and after. When you partner with Gesture, you receive a dedicated Account Manager who will be a resource for best practices and ways to reach your goals and please your donors.

Reach out to us for more information by emailing or calling 888-748-2323.

Together we can hit a home run!