National Nonprofit Day
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National NonProfit Day is on August 17th. At Gesture, we have worked with over 3,000 nonprofit organizations to make hope happen with our fundraising and mobile bidding technology and will have helped raise over $500 million by year’s end. We wanted to take today to share about this celebratory day, hear from our employees on why they love working with nonprofit organizations and offer some tips on how nonprofits can increase donations by leveraging this day!



Let’s begin the celebration of this significant day by touching on the history of nonprofit organizations in the United States. Although some nonprofits are thousands of years old (such as Harvard College), most charitable organizations were founded within the past 30 years2. In fact, nonprofits are the most rapidly growing organizations in the world. Nonprofit organizations differ immensely in scope and scale from other types of organizations, which makes it difficult to determine exactly what nonprofits are, what they do, and how they do it. Nonprofits can range from informal organizations without employees to multi-billion dollar foundations with thousands of employees and members. Because of the many complex and diverse nonprofits working in every community, millions of lives are touched each day. It would be challenging to find anyone who has not been influenced in some way by a nonprofit organization, whether they knew it or not.


Hear from Gesture Employees:

Since 2011, Gesture has partnered with thousands of nonprofit organizations to capture each helping hand, each friendly smile, and each round of applause by turning inspiration into action. We are motivated and energized by the work our partners do. Our Event Operations Specialist, Loretta, loves working with nonprofit organizations because:


“Partnering with our charities offers a continuing reminder that there are still people who are ready, willing and able to help those in need no matter what it takes. It’s a humbling experience to see and hear the outreach of love and sadness that exists and know somehow we’re all striving for the same goal, to Make Hope Happen one community at a time.”





How organizations can benefit:

National NonProfit Day provides a notable opportunity for organizations to advocate their cause. Here are a few tips on how to effectively increase donations and awareness by leveraging National NonProfit Day:

  1. Create a social media strategy: Many nonprofits use social media to promote their organizations because it’s an easy way for people to show support for causes close to their hearts. You should increase the amount of content shared on social media and include information about how your audience can get involved and give to your cause.
  2. Use email to send reminders and donation opportunities: Use your email list or monthly newsletter to remind your supporters that National NonProfit Day is coming up. In these emails, you should provide your audience with ways to donate and interact with your organization. You might also include a set of promotional images or graphics focused on National NonProfit Day in the digital/email reminders. Send these notices up to a month in advance as well as the weeks leading up to National NonProfit Day.
  3. Thank your audience and donors: Although the day has ended, the work isn’t done yet. It’s critical to measure any engagement your organization received in response to the day (i.e. the number of donations, views, shares, volunteers, etc.). Next, update your social media channels and email newsletter thanking your audience for their participation and reporting on how successful the campaign was.


Utilizing these tips will contribute to your success on National NonProfit Day. These suggestions will increase your donor audience and overall donations as well as provide your donors with more ways to interact with your organization in the future.