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Twitter for Nonprofits

Social media can be a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations because it has a broad reach an is inexpensive to use. However, in order to make social media effective, organizations need to know how they can best use the various platforms.

Learn Twitter best practices for nonprofit organizations by viewing the infographic below and downloading the full guide including example tweets, some nonprofit accounts that are using Twitter effectively, and more!

Gesture examined the Twitter strategies of several charity partners in order to determine which strategies work best for reaching donors and gathering donations. Download the below guide to get access to tips on how nonprofit organizations can best utilize Twitter for their marketing efforts!

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2018 Fundraising Trends

What fundraising trends can nonprofit organizations expect to see in 2018? Gesture has analyzed data from many sources to come up with a list of the top 9 trends that nonprofit organizations should keep in mind when planning their fundraising and marketing efforts.

Here are the trends:

  • Storytelling
  • Social Media
  • Increase in Total Giving
  • Increase in Corporate Giving
  • Decrease in Email Effectiveness
  • Video Content
  • Fundraising Software Integration
  • Generational Shifts
  • Mobile Technology

Read more on each of these trends below! 

Increased Importance of Storytelling:

Creating a personal connection with donors is an excellent way to increase donor retention. One way to do this is to use storytelling in your marketing efforts. Your audience knows about the work they do, but they may not know why you do the work you do. You could also interview top donors to share the stories of why they give or ask board members why they care about your cause.

Use various methods to tell your story; videos, blogs, in-person speaking engagements, and social media posts are all effective ways to do this. For example, one of the types of a donation ask is an “emotional” ask. This ask involves someone who has been impacted by your organization (a volunteer, a staff member, or someone your organization has helped) speaking about why they support you. Using storytelling in this manner can help to increase donations.

More Social Media Usage:

As the population increases, the number of people utilizing social media will increase as well. In order to broaden your audience and reach donors where they are active, you will need to ensure your organization is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Post content that your followers will want to share with their friends and make sure that you are including the ways donors can give to your cause in your profile information.

Learn more about how your nonprofit organization can use Twitter for your marketing efforts here.

Total Giving Increase:

In 2018, total giving is predicted to increase by 3.8%. This is due to growth in three main areas: the S&P 500, GDP, and personal income. In 2016, Gesture helped charity partners raise $167 million. In 2017, that number increased to over $200 million. How can you make sure that these extra donor dollars are going towards your organization?

Some of the ways to make this prediction work for your organization are by planning inspiring fundraising campaigns, encouraging recurring gifts, and focusing on donor retention strategies. When considering your 2018 fundraising campaigns, think about what will inspire your donors to give. Then, give donors an option to automatically repeat their donation on a regular basis, like each month. Last, thank your donors and stay connected with them so that your donors will continue to make donations in 2019 and beyond!

Corporate Giving Increase:

In addition to total giving, corporate giving is also expected to increase by 2.7% due to similar reasons mentioned above for total giving.

One of the main ways that companies make donations is through match programs with their employees. In order to capitalize on this, make sure you are capturing all company gift matches by reminding donors on your donation pages that you accept those match donations. You can also increase donations from companies by networking with local business leaders. Whether it’s inviting them to your events, attending local business events, or interacting with their brands on social media, make sure that your organization is at the back of their mind so that when they are looking to make a donation or purchase a table at a gala, they think of your organization and cause.

Many companies also make in-kind donations of items or services. You can use these items in your silent and live auctions to bring in revenue to your organization. Gesture offers several corporate donation guides including a national guide and other guides separated by region and city. You can view a full menu of the guides here.

A Decrease in Email Effectiveness:

As email service providers update their algorithms that impact your messages ability to hit the inbox, explore other ways to engage with donors and use email more once you have established a digital connection with a donor.

Email deliverability is partly determined based on content. By tailoring your content to topics that are appropriate and relevant for your audience, you increase the likelihood of your email landing in their inbox and not the spam folder. Better yet, wait until you have a relationship with a donor before you email them and use emails to thank them for their donation and communicate with them about upcoming events. Once they are a regular donor, you can email them asking for donations and your email will likely be delivered.

Increased Popularity of Video Content:

By 2019, video content will be responsible for 85% of ALL U.S. internet traffic. Videos are easier than you think to produce! There is a wide selection of free video editing software you can download on computers and mobile devices allowing even a smaller organization without a graphic designer to create eye-catching video content. Whether you’re capturing images from a recent fundraising event and showing a slideshow of those images with music in the background, or you hire a professional videographer to help, video content is becoming increasingly more popular pushing simple text and photo posts lower on social media feeds.

Stay active in your donors’ eyes by joining this trend and creating interesting video content for viewers.

Greater Importance of Fundraising Software Integrations:

With the increase in fundraising software options available for nonprofit profit organizations to use, integration is more important than ever. Imagine being able to sell tickets and collect donor information on one platform and then transfer it to your CRM software so that you can appropriately follow-up with donors.

Some mobile fundraising platforms, like Gesture, give you this ability. It streamlines your fundraising operations even more and gives you the ability to focus on other areas of donor relations.

Generational Shifts:

In 2018 nonprofit organizations can also expect to see a shift in marketing tactics as Generations Y and Z surpass the Baby Boomers in size. Where Baby Boomers prefer email and direct mail, Generations Y and Z prefer being communicated with via social media networks.

Whether your donors are first time donors or long-term donors, the top two ways to communicate with these donors is via social media and email. Physical mail and in-person meetings are no longer as fruitful.

Increased Popularity of Mobile Technology:

Lastly but most importantly, expect mobile technology to grow in 2018. The 2017 NGO Tech Report noted that 85% of North American nonprofit and charity organizations accept online donations and 32% accept text donations. Globally, these numbers are 67% and 40%, so expect North America to catch up to other regions with text to give campaigns in the coming year.

Mobile technology can also help NFPs reach a broader audience. As previously mentioned, all social media networks are growing in size as the population is growing. While all of your audience members may not be able to attend your event, using mobile technology can give them the opportunity to participate in the raffles, auctions, donation campaigns, and more.

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Fundraising Facts and Myths

How much do you know about the world of nonprofit fundraising? Answer our true/false quiz to see if you are an expert fundraiser or if you could use some brushing up!

Mobile Giving only works for larger nonprofit organizations.

FALSE: Mobile fundraising technology works for organizations of all types and sizes. Software like Gesture’s allows organizations to customize their site to fit their exact needs. Are you hosting a gala with over 1,000 attendees? Manage ticketing and seating using Gesture’s guest management capabilities. Hosting a smaller auction for a school with 100 attendees? Use Gesture’s silent auction features to list items online and capture bids from anyone who cannot attend to increase your donor base!

Additionally, pricing is unique for each organization depending on event size, products used, and other factors. Mobile fundraising is a powerful tool that every organization can use to increase donations during physical and online fundraising initiatives.

When it comes to a silent or live auction, you should focus on quantity over quality.

FALSE: If you have one item per attendee, it’s possible that everyone could go home with an amazing auction item at the starting bid. This doesn’t help you bring in donations for your organization because your goal should be to receive above fair market value on every item. Instead, plan to have one silent auction item for every five event attendees. This helps to keep the bidding competitive.

What if you’ve been extremely successful with your auction item procurement and have more than one item for every five attendees? You have two main options: you can bundle items together to create higher value packages or you can save items for mid-year online-only auctions. Read more from Gesture’s blog here.

There isn’t a right moment to ask donors for money.

TRUE: If you find yourself looking for the perfect time to ask donors for money, you will never find it. Instead of waiting for the right moment, you need to be prepared to solicit a donation at any time. If a donor says “no,” don’t take it personally. They aren’t saying “no,” to you – instead, they are saying “no” to your organization at that time. Maybe they recently gave a large amount to another organization or had to adjust yearly spending for an unplanned expense. You can always ask again in the future!

Corporations and Foundations give the most.

FALSE: While corporations and foundations may give quite sizeable sums, individual donors collectively contribute more. In 2016, corporate giving amounted to $18.55 billion. However, individual Americans gave significantly more – $389.05 billion! While a donation of $50 might not seem like much, smaller donations add up and it’s important to maintain the loyalty of individual donors.

One way to do so is to thank each donor for their donation, regardless of donation size. While larger donations from corporations and foundations may warrant a handwritten note from the executive director, a tour of your office, or special seating at your annual gala, a thank you note or email from your organization can go a long way.

Planning a successful fundraising initiative takes time.

TRUE: Any fundraising initiative, from an online-only donation campaign to a formal gala, takes immense planning. If you want your fundraising initiative to be successful, you need to spend the time to make sure each component is adding to your success.

One of the most time-consuming parts of planning a fundraising initiative is acquiring auction items. You don’t want to be pushy with businesses and donors, but you also want to make sure you have the items well before the event so that you can package and prepare as necessary. One way to speed up this process is by asking companies that have a donation policy in place. You can find these organizations on Gesture’s Corporate Donation Guide. The Corporate Donation Guide will direct you to companies that give to nonprofit organizations nationwide.

Your audience wants you to share about your organization on social media.

TRUE: Those who follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter do so because they care about your organization. Cognitive biases make donors want to feel good about their decision to donate and support your organization, and one way to make donors feel good is to show and tell about organization accomplishments.

Social media is also a great way to find new donors! Through every like, comment, and share, more and more people see your original post and you have the ability to increase exposure. You should share 3-10 times per week on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and you can post much more frequently on Twitter.

Older donors are resistant to mobile giving.

FALSE: Older generations are more tech-savvy than you think. A report published by the Pew Research Center about U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015 found that “64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011.” Keep in mind that donors can still participate in text-to-give campaigns with a simple flip phone; no need for a smartphone!

Read more about how to engage older donors in your mobile giving campaign here.

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Community Brands Adds Mobile Event Fundraising Technology to Power More Than 100,000 Association, Nonprofit and K-12 School Events

Acquisition of 501 Auctions and Gesture, with agreement in principle to acquire GiveSmart, strengthen Community Brands product portfolio with high-quality, robust, mobile-first fundraising event solutions for associations and nonprofits to enhance donor experiences and raise more funds

December 11, 2017—ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Community Brands, a technology-driven company that delivers purpose-built solutions for the world’s leading associations and nonprofits, today announced the addition of 501 Auctions and Gesture to the company, and an agreement in principle to acquire GiveSmart. The acquisition of these mobile auction technology leaders extends the Community Brands product portfolio to provide mobile auction and fundraising event services to help organizations improve the donor experience and increase fundraising revenue.

“These mobile auction industry leaders are a great addition to Community Brands, and they strengthen our team and expand our expertise in the nonprofit market,” said Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault, president and CEO of Community Brands. “Their mobile technology supports the growing expectations of donors who conduct their everyday lives on their mobile devices, and fits our overall strategy to be the most innovative technology company worldwide, while serving those who serve for social good.”

The 501 Auctions and Gesture teams, along with the GiveSmart team when the acquisition is final, will join Community Brands Nonprofit Solutions division led by Executive Vice President Erin Shy.

“We’re excited to bring these event fundraising leaders on board to help nonprofits deliver a better, more flexible and personalized donor experience, while increasing the funds they raise, streamlining the event process, and reducing their fundraising event costs,” Shy said. “We look forward to working with the respective teams to expand their reach and integrate them with the Community Brands ecosystem of solutions and services, along with the thousands of events we support and run through our systems.”

Some of the combined, more notable fundraising partners 501 Auctions, Gesture and GiveSmart have helped make change happen include: Alzheimer’s Association, American Lung Association, American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Goodwill, Junior League, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald House and YMCA.

Details of the deal were not disclosed.

Community Brands will celebrate its new growth and new offering of mobile fundraising event solutions by holding an auction leading up to the opening of ASAE Tech 2017 and during a portion of the two-day conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. All proceeds raised from the auction items will benefit Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic Inc. To view and bid on an array of items, simply text COMMUNITY to 52182 or visit to register. The bidding starts now and will continue through 1PM on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

About Community Brands

Community Brands is a technology-driven company that delivers purpose-built solutions to more than 13,000 of the world’s leading associations, nonprofits and government entities to help them thrive and succeed in today’s fast-paced, evolving world. The company’s focus on accelerating innovation and bringing to market modern technology solutions helps power social impact, effect positive change and create opportunity. With Community Brands software and services, organizations better engage their members, donors and volunteers; raise more money; effectively manage revenue; and provide professional development and insights to power their missions. To learn more, visit Get social with Community Brands on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Media Contact:

Michael Piotrowski



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Fundraising for Healthcare Foundations

Fundraising for Healthcare Foundations is greatly different than fundraising for any other type of organization, which is why Gesture has created a guide to help the fundraising efforts of Healthcare Foundations!

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation Gala

The contents of this guide include:

  • Increasing Donations from Individual Donors,
  • Implementing Patient Grateful Giving Programs,
  • Managing Physician Involvement in Donation Asks,
  • Gathering Donations from Hospital Boards,
  • Effectively Incorporating Mobile Technology, and
  • Trends in Hospital Giving.

Simply enter your information in the below form to access the Fundraising for Healthcare Foundations Guides!

Read a piece from our Founder and CEO, Jim Alvarez, originally published in the AHP Connect here.

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Cancer Kiss My Cooley Case Study

Cancer Kiss My Cooley (CKMC) is a Chicago-area organization dedicated to raising community awareness towards pediatric brain tumors. CKMC grants Kisses of HOPE which are special moments or experiences tailor-made for the patient and their family. You can read more about CKMC and their work here.

CKMC has been working with Gesture to host a successful “Kiss It” Gala since 2016 and has raised over $300,000 from their 2016 and 2017 events. This case study provides insight into some of the problems CKMC faced before using Gesture and how Gesture’s array of products and services alleviated those troubles. You can download the case study by completing the form below.

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Quality over Quantity in your Auction


One of the best ways to make money at a fundraising event is through the auction. Whether you’re using a silent auction, live auction, or both at your event, choosing quality over quantity will always help bring in more revenue for your cause and engage your audience.

Something our Account Managers are asked frequently is, “How many items should I have in my silent auction? What about my live auction?” and we always counter this question with, “Well, how many guests will be at your event?” In reality, there isn’t a magic number of auction items that will definitely bring success to your organization. Just like with other aspects of your event planning like a venue, ticket cost, food, and entertainment, you need to tailor your auction to your audience.

The Golden Ratio

First, Gesture recommends having one item or bundle for every 4-5 guests in attendance. Yes, this means that not everyone will be a winner, but it will keep the bidding competitive. If you have 100 guests and 100 silent auction items, potentially everyone can walk away with an item purchased at the starting bid value. The goal of hosting a charity auction is to receive more than the value of the item on every item. Especially if you are using consignment items, you need to ensure you are doing everything you can to maximize the percent of the Fair-market value (FMV) the item sells at.

Too Many Items?

Secondly, don’t worry if you have too many items. You have three options to use these items and still maximize winning bids:


You can package together similar items to create bundles that will have a higher value and a higher starting bid. For example, many restaurants will donate gift cards to organizations. Because gift cards have a declared face value than an item like designer jewelry or experiences you will have a hard time receiving more than FMV. Package restaurant gift cards with theater or movie tickets to create a “night on the town” experience.

Save for Later

If you don’t have enough like items to create packages or you still have leftover items, you can always host an online auction later in the year! Not only is an online-auction a great way to remind donors of your cause but it can bring in revenue for your organization between major fundraising initiatives.


You can also use extra items as prizes for raffles or other games of chance like heads or tails. It’s best if these are general items; any attendee would want to receive it. Ideal items are gift cards, experiences, and wine or liquor (if your event is 21+, and always check your state laws).

Varied Pricing

Third, have a range of item values so that everyone can participate. Some attendees may come to the event intending to spend no more than $100 on an item. To raise the most for your cause, you want to make sure that their $100 doesn’t stay in their pocket at the end of the night. Have some items with starting bids between $35 and $50 to encourage this person to bid.

Item Previews

Finally, if you are providing high-quality and expensive items in your live auction, you should have the items available for preview so that guests can have an idea of what the different items are and entail before bidding. For example, if you are offering a trip to Hawaii for four people, it could be split between two couples which would need to be agreed upon before the live auction starts.


With all of the hard work that goes into procuring items for an auction, you want to ensure you are maximizing profit. Do this by:

  • Choosing quality over quantity,
  • Having one item/bundle for every 4-5 people,
  • Providing a range in item values, and
  • Giving donors information about items and bundles.

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Gesture, A Mobile Fundraising Technology Company, Helps Nonprofits Raise $500 Million


CHICAGO – October 16, 2017 – Gesture, a Chicagoland mobile fundraising technology company, celebrates helping their nonprofit clients raise over $500 million through the use of mobile technology. The impact for nonprofit organizations who implement mobile fundraising techniques has been a game changer, allowing them to increase revenue while keeping up with growing fundraising challenges.

Since 2011, Gesture has worked with over 3,000 charitable organizations nationwide. Gesture’s unique technology provides clients with an innovative fundraising platform coupled with expert advance planning, an on-site event team and real-time event analytics that help clients maximize their fundraising efforts.

“Every day at Gesture our goal is the same: to Make Hope Happen for nonprofit organizations. Each Gesture team member makes daily contributions that have helped us reach this milestone of helping our clients raise $500 million,” shares Jim Alvarez, Founder and CEO of Gesture. “We are steadfast in our focus to help clients raise more money and are working to reach the next goal of helping to raise $1 billion dollars for nonprofits by continuing to be a leader in mobile fundraising technology,” adds Alvarez.

Gesture was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Companies in 2017 illustrating the company’s strong and continued growth since its inception.

“Incorporating mobile fundraising technology to our event made a huge difference in the amount of money we were able to raise,” says Michelle Domino, Vice President of Cancer Kiss My Cooley, an organization dedicated to creating special moments and lasting memories for families living with pediatric brain tumors. “Advance support, event set up and onsite staff were welcome additions to our fundraising team, plus our guests loved it and found it to be an easy way to show their support during our event,” adds Domino.

About Gesture

Gesture is a full-service mobile fundraising technology company working with nonprofit organizations of all sizes nationwide. Gesture’s innovative fundraising platform is packed with tools that allow charity partners to fully manage fundraising campaigns from conception to onsite event and post-event reports. Gesture serves nonprofit organizations of all sizes and causes.

For more information about Gesture products and services visit or contact Brandon Stec at or 312-448-7620.

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Auction Items: The 3 P’s

Gesture teamed up with Winspire’s Ian Lauth for a 1-hour webinar session with a lively 30-minute Q&A all about fundraising using auction items and how to procure like a master.

To host a successful charity auction, you need to procure high-quality, unique items. Then, you need to maximize their night-of potential. The better your auction items, the higher the bids you’ll receive. Once procurement is over, there are plenty of choices you can make along the way that will either increase or deflate bidding!

So, how can you procure buzzworthy, high-quality auction items and then receive above fair market value (FMV) for each item?

Fill out the form below to access the webinar and you’ll be on your way to increasing bids!


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Tips for a Successful Donation Ask

In-person fundraising can sometimes be uncomfortable. Asking someone for their money is never easy, and asking a large group can be even more daunting. Your worst fear is that you are standing on stage during your organization’s fund-the-need and no one is offering up donations to your cause. You ask for donations at the $5,000 level and hear no response. At $1,000 the audience stays still. You get all the way down to $25 and the audience is still staring at you with blank expressions. Don’t let your fund-the-need give you nightmares; follow these key steps to make your donation ask a success for your organization!

A donation ask or fund-the-need is a common way to raise donations at a fundraising event. During the event program, a representative from the nonprofit organization will request donations from the event attendees. Some organizations will ask donors to raise a paddle or their hand to denote that they are willing to give at a certain level. Other organizations will rely on donors to give entirely using their mobile devices and instead recognize donors using a display screen. No matter the way organizations ask for donations at the event, utilizing a well-planned event program can help increase donations.

Never underestimate the power of a motivational speaker:

While someone from the executive board of your organization is able to speak excellently about what your organization does, having someone speak about the impact your organization’s work has had on their life personally will have a much larger impact on donors.

At The Folds of Honor Chicago Chapter Annual Gala, Ginger Gilbert Ravella gave a moving speech to the audience about how, after her husband was killed in action, her five children received secondary school and college scholarships from the Folds of Honor organization. Ginger was able to speak about the impact the organization had made on her life and the lives of her children, and the emotion she expressed inspired donors to give over $65,000 in donations alone that evening.

Use visual elements:

An impactful photo montage or video can inspire donors to give to your cause. For example, if you are an animal welfare organization, show photos of the animals you have helped to help donors visualize the full impact of their donations.

Gesture Partner Search Inc. showed a video highlighting some of their beneficiaries before the fund-the-need. The video showed the different ways Search Inc. helps people and the breadth of their programs. Not only did this visual example show the variety of ways donor money helps the organization, it also worked to excite the audience about the cause.

Know who you’re asking and tailor your event program to your audience:

Different events, by nature, have different audiences and attendees. For example, those attending an event hosted by your organization’s young professionals board differ from your annual gala audience. The average donation will most likely be less, so it won’t make sense to start asking for donations at $10,000. Instead, start lower at a more reasonable amount. You can even plant someone in the audience to “donate” at the top level to open up the rest of the floor to donations.

Practice makes perfect:

The timing of your event program should be as solidified as possible. Gather the group of presenters to practice the program together in advance of the event. You should also make sure that the audiovisual (AV) components (if you are using photos or videos) are properly connected and the person in charge of the AV knows when the components should play.

By perfecting the program timing you will be able to harness the crowd emotion and use it to increase donations. Expect some deviations on event night, but know that a speech going slightly over isn’t the end of the world.

By creating an event program that showcases your organization’s work and instills emotion in your audience you will be able to maximize donations during the fund-the-need portion of your fundraising event.

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3 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Fall Fundraising Event

As the autumn months approach, you quickly realize you only have a few short months to meet your year’s fundraising goals. Don’t panic – this is actually the perfect time of year to catch up on any lost ground. You can do this by implementing entertaining activities into your fundraising efforts that will be sure to attract donors, both old and new. If you’re stuck with old event ideas, or if you and your team simply cannot think of fresh strategies, here are some suggestions that will inspire creativity for your next fall fundraising event!

Hold an Auction:

While this is a more traditional approach, holding an indoor auction is one of the best ways to raise funds during the fall months. If you need items to auction off, ask your board members, volunteers, and other connections if they would like to donate any items or prize packages for the event – restaurant gift cards, free nights at a hotel in any city, autographed sports items, and cruise getaways are some things that you could offer to the table.

If you’re holding a live auction, make sure to hire an entertaining and professional auctioneer who will motivate your crowd to keep bidding. If you prefer a silent auction, using mobile fundraising technology is a great way to increase bids on items. For auctions using mobile fundraising technology, you don’t even need to have a physical event! Also, be sure to have some volunteers monitor the auction, and give fair warning when the auction is about to be closed so that everyone has the chance to place their bid.

Balloon and Flower Prizes:

Another fun strategy is to hide secret prizes inside of balloons and sell them to your guests, with more expensive balloons containing more valuable prizes. Then, at a set point in the evening, offer a special, such as a two-for-one deal or bulk discount to encourage more donations if you have balloons leftover. This is especially effective for events held at schools and camps where many children are present.

If your event is more targeted towards adults, you can use flowers to the same effect. Set prices based on the number of flowers or the type of flower that you’re selling. This is more of a win-win situation than the balloons – even if the prize isn’t spectacular, your donor now has a flower (or flowers!) that they can use to decorate their home or give to a loved one.

Arts & Crafts:

If you’re crafty or have connections with a small business that sells handmade knick-knacks, consider selling these as instant items at your next event with proceeds going to your organization’s cause. As a bonus, include instructions so your donors can reproduce these items at home. This is especially effective in the fall when Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas gifts and decorations are in high demand. These options will often be more inexpensive than those found in local stores, and your donors will have the comfort of knowing that their items are completely unique.

Another option is to request fine art like paintings, photographs, and statues sculptures to be donated for your event. Price and quality tiers can be set for your art pieces so that donors of all financial backgrounds can afford something – for example, talented but lesser-known photographers can start off at a lower price than well-known watercolor painters. And for those who don’t get the canvas addition, you can still offer lithographs of the original for sale, as these still make beautiful additions to a home.


It can be difficult to find fundraising inspiration once you reach the last months of the year, but there are plenty of seasonal opportunities your organization can leverage to raise more money. Use this time of the year to your advantage instead of getting caught in a creative slump, and always prioritize your cause above anything else.


Ryan Bridges is a contributing writer and media specialist for SBI Association Management. He regularly produces content for a variety of nonprofit management blogs, based around the transitional challenges that come with nonprofit fundraising and marketing efforts.

Images from Orange Coast Memorial Foundation.

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Hit a Home Run with Gesture!


Gesture wants you to hit a home run with your next fundraising initiative and has the products and technology to get from first base to home.

First Base

At first base, you’ll find Gesture’s guest management technology which helps you to sell tickets, gather important information, seat your guests, create a custom event homepage, collect donations, and more. Your first base coach is your event on-site manager who is with you every step of the way to manage Gesture’s team of professionals and ensure everything goes as planned.

Guests can pre-register online or register once they arrive at the event. We’ll collect the relevant information that you request and after doing so, guests will receive a link that they can use to view and bid on all silent auction items.

Second Base

At second base, you’ll find the ability to seamlessly execute fundraising activities at your event including the silent and live auctions, raffles, donation campaigns, and more. During a fund-the-need donation campaign, Gesture offers a display that updates instantly as the amount raised increases. Guests can donate using their phones or use the help of a Gesture team-member. The display can be customized to make it feel more personalized for your organization!


As you pass the shortstop, you’ll hear the text notifications bidders receive when they have been outbid. This encourages some friendly competition and helps to drive up the bids and raise more for your organization! If some items are still without bids, your on-site manager can help with sending out a text message to all event attendees encouraging them to check out those items.

Third Base

At third base, you’ll find the simple and quick checkout process. Users will receive a text message asking them to check out and pay for their donations and auction items. After they are checked out, we will assist your volunteers in gathering the silent auction items and delivering them to donors. If any donors are having trouble using their phone to checkout, we’re more than happy to assist them using the iPads we provide for the event. This checkout process makes sure the event ends on a good note and everyone is happy headed home!

Home Plate

Once you’ve reached home plate, check out some of the data from your event. Gesture’s dashboard allows you to analyze top items, top donors, and other key metrics from the event. Your Account Manager will go over all of this information as well as other key event details with you in order to make a game-plan for how to improve your next fundraising initiative.

Let’s Make Hope Happen with a Home Run!

Gesture’s goal is to make hope happen by ensuring that your fundraising initiative is a success. We’re here for you from the planning stages to the execution, and after. When you partner with Gesture, you receive a dedicated Account Manager who will be a resource for best practices and ways to reach your goals and please your donors.

Reach out to us for more information by emailing or calling 888-748-2323.

Together we can hit a home run!

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