Delta Sigma Phi Foundation Online AuctionIt is my immense pleasure to recommend my favorite auction vendor, Gesture. Gesture is the future of fundraising! They handled our inaugural online auction for Delta Sigma Phi which boasted nearly 850 users and helped us generate over $11,000 in revenue.

From our initial consultation over nine months ago, I have always felt Gesture put our needs first. I worked very closely with Jennifer Raczka, Gesture’s Event Production Manager. Jennifer was most attentive. She was always receptive to all of my requests and suggestions. She was not only flexible; she was able to quickly switch tactics when something wasn’t working. I was very appreciative of her work.

Prior to working for Delta Sigma Phi, I worked for another nonprofit organization called The Julian Center. We also used Gesture to run both of our auctions, and had an equally positive experience. Checkout was easy, the auctioneer was great, and they even offered consignment items. Bonus!

I would strongly recommend this business to any who may be in need of these types of services. I have no doubts you will be extremely pleased if you hire them.

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