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Ace Your Auction: Unique Items for School Auctions

Very specific groups of people attend school fundraisers and bid on their auction items. It’s a good idea to pinpoint items that will entice these groups, which include parents, teachers, alumni and members of the community at large. Our fundraising experts have put together a list of items that have performed well at school events.

This list first appeared in a Gesture blog post on January 14, 2016:

  • Prime Parking Spot – Parking close is a commodity for most schools who have limited parking spaces for students and/or faculty.
  • VIP Pickup Pass – Being treated like a VIP for the day or year is something worth bidding on for parents and students alike.
  • Pre-Planned Parties – A class party is one of more exciting parts of school that students look forward to and winning one in an auction makes for a fun way to reward fundraising.
  • Student Artwork – Parents love to display their kids’ artwork. Make this an instant buy item or part of your silent auction.
  • Bikes (for all ages) – Promotes healthy activity and being outdoors, two things schools are constantly trying to find a way to promote more.
  • Sign-up parties – Sign up parties are instant buy items that generate a lot of interest! From spa days for moms to golf outings for dads to pool parties for students, sign-up parties get are some of the most popular items we’ve seen. 
  • Teacher’s Day Off – Bid to help your favorite teacher get an extra day off.
  • Dinner with the Principal or President – Instead of being sent to the Principal’s Office for some type of misbehavior, your family can join the Principal of your school for a fun meal.
  • Homecoming & Prom Package – Everything your child needs for a safe and memorable prom night. This could include a coupon for a dress, a spray tan, a post-prom activity and more.

Additional items our fundraising experts have seen do well include:

  • Dress Down Days – Schools with uniform requirements can let parents bid on a dress down day for their children.
  • Front Row for School Play/Concert/etc. – Getting the front row is always an experience, especially if a parent’s child is the star in the play. 
  • Principal for a Day – Give a student the chance to spend the day in the principal’s office – and not because they’re in trouble.
  • Experience with Favorite Teacher (pizza party, movie, etc.) – Ask your teachers to come up with an activity – like a pizza party or after-school gym class – that parents can bid on for their children.
  • Graduation Package – Anything that could come in handy for graduation day, from front-row seats, a premium parking pass, free cap and gown, or even a coupon for a hair salon so the graduate can look their best on their big day.
  • Major sports tickets – These always do well! Not only will this appeal to all of your event attendees, but parents love spending money on their kids, and this is a great family activity. Find links to your local teams in our regional Corporate Donation Guides (NortheastWest and Southeast; Southwest and Midwest coming soon!).
  • School Sports Package – A package with school spirit wear, season passes to football and basketball games, and more!

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