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Your Fall Event “Study Guide”

The 2016-2017 school year came fast, and so will your fall fundraiser! The Gesture team has prepared a fall event study guide to help you remember everything you’ll need to bump your fundraising grade from an “A” to an “A+!”

Fall Event Study Guide - 3 Months Out

□ Pick a venue

□ Determine seating/table availability and sponsorship opportunities

□ Pick a menu that caters to all of your guests needs – note allergies, vegetarians, etc.

□ Prepare program agenda for event

□ Create an appeal video to show your guests how their donations will make a difference – reserve AV equipment as needed

□ Finalize your auction items and have some fun promoting them on social media, in email campaigns and on your website

□ Send your special guests a personalized invitation – from your biggest donors to your speakers to your board of directors, a personalized invitation will go a long way

□ Put together committee

□ Decide on ticketing process/platform (Gesture announced an enhanced ticketing and registration process in August 2016!)

□ Impress your guests with awesome auction items by using Gesture’s 2016 Corporate Donation Guide (Remember that most corporations need at least 6 weeks notice!)

Fall Event Study Guide - 1 Month Out

□ Pick a theme – create a printed brochure and event signage to match the invitation

□ Bundle your silent auction items into themed baskets, and have fun coming up with clever names for each (examples: Movies, to match event theme, etc.)

□ Begin selling tickets

Fall Event Study Guide - 2 Weeks Out

□ Do a “run-through” with all of your volunteers and employees

□ Print Gesture display sheets for your auction items – current Gesture partners can do so by going to Items -> Manage Items -> Item Sheets, where you can customize your header and footer and generate the display sheets for all of your items

Fall Event Study Guide - Post event

□ Send appreciation letters to speakers, sponsors, donors and volunteers

□ Use Gesture’s dashboard, full of stats and easy-to-read charts, to help you complete your expense reports and evaluations

□ Review & pay bills

□ Send handwritten thank you’s

□ Get feedback from donors, guests and volunteers

□ Reconcile payments

□ Start brainstorming for next year!

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