Outside the Classroom: How to Incorporate Students In Your Fundraiser

Arguably, your best ambassadors are your students. You can tell your donors that your students are the best as often as you want, but they’re not going to believe you unless they can see it for themselves.

Incorporating your students into your fundraising events is a great way to show your donors that their investment is worth it.

Here are some of the best ways we’ve seen schools include students in their events.
  • Musicians: Set the right mood. Have members of your school orchestra play during your dinner or cocktail hour.
  • Speakers: Putting a well-spoken student in front of donors is the best way to show your guests how their donation will make a difference. If proceeds from your event will fund a student scholarship, have a student recipient speak about how it made a difference for them and their family. If it’s for a new school gym, have an athlete share how it will impact them.
  • Technology assistance: Place your students around the venue to help donors who aren’t the most tech-savvy. They can help the Gesture Pros show your guests how to bid on items. Guests will be impressed by their knowledge and love the chance to talk to some of the students.
  • Coat check: Working the coat check station is an easy job for students. It’s also an easy way for your donors and students to interact.
  • Raffle sales: Have your students walk around the event to sell any raffle items (tickets, heads or tails, etc.). This is an easy way to give your donors the chance to ask questions and learn more about the school through the eyes of the students.
  • Auction off student artwork: These items are popular at every level – preschool through college.
  • Utilize your golf team at golf outings: Place members of your golf team on a designated hole, where guests can play against them for a fee for the chance to win a special prize (i.e. free raffle tickets). You can even have them act as a caddy.
  • Don’t forget that you can always flip the script and ask the students to get in on the donating. From pajama days to penny wars to letter writing and so much more, your options abound. There are too many school fundraising ideas to count.

We already hinted at what makes these ideas successful. Getting your students in front of your donors will remind them how their donations are going to help educate bright young men and women!

Add Gesture to your next fundraiser to see how we can help you raise even more!

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